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About Me

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This is Abdullah Al Masud. I’m a Computer Engineer(Major- Networking). I’ve started my journey as a freelancer in the mid of 2015 @Fiverr. At that time I usually did product listing and virtually assisted my clients. Worked with few reputed USA & UK based e-commerce agency. After that, I’ve signed up for Upwork and Freelancer too but didn’t start working on there. I’m very fond of researching and learning new things through over the internet. So build my some extra skills like SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Dropshipping, PPC(SEM) and learning some other kinds of stuff day by day. I’m currently learning Routing and Switching too. Going to sit for CCNA exam soon. Another area of interest is Amazon FBA. As I’m working on Amazon Affiliate Marketing, so it’s the matter of time to start learning the hacks of Amazon FBA. I’ve already created a community for the health concerned people called iHealth Concern.
I like to learn instead of wasting the time. Always try to find the easy hacks to get my works done.

Currently, I’ve started to write this blog about myself and some other things. If you want to know more about me click here.
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